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Investing in property in the Eindhoven region

Investing in property is always profitable, whether the economy is currently in a downturn or not. Rises or falls in value depend on the economy, but there are always tenants. Bricks and mortar are long-suffering - maintenance is necessary, but you can outsource that to us.

Over recent years, house prices have fallen sharply, and that is of concern to both large and small investors in property. The private investor (in shares) and the bank deposit holder are also increasingly interested in investing in property.

An example:

Savings:    € 150,000

Bank interest:       1.2%

You buy an apartment in Eindhoven (purchase price € 180,000 costs for buyer)

Rental (3-room apartment furnished) € 1,250 per month

Annual yield                      € 15,000.00

Letting costs                     -    1,800,00

Maintenance                     -    1,500.00

Other expenses                  -    1,250.00 +

Net yield                € 10,450.00

Annual return       € 10,450.00 / € 180,000 = 5.8%
(by contrast with bank deposit rate of 1.2% per year)


Our recommendation
We advise you to base your calculations on real figures. Do not assume past yields of 8, 9 or 10%. As we have shown in the example, with realistic rents and costs you can easily achieve a return of between 5% and 6%.


Points for attention
What you should take into account:

  • The purchase must go smoothly. Know where you are buying a property, what you are buying and whether it will be lettable over the years ahead.
  • What is a realistic rental?
  • With letting property ensure that you have a solid investment
  • Choose a reliable property manager


With EHV Property Management you have all aspects under one roof. We will advise you from A to Z. We take care of the purchase, value assessment for letting with future planning and all the management during the rental period. You have the property and we the worries.

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