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  1. Do you also manage business premises?
    Absolutely. EHV Vastgoedmanagement also manages business premises and office space. Our core business focuses on the housing market, but we also manage portfolios that include both houses and business premises.
  2. What do you mean by fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished rental?
    Unfurnished rental (usually through a housing association) means a house only features a standard kitchen block, a tiled bathroom with a sink and a bathtub or shower. Partially furnished rental means the house features flooring, curtains, fixed lighting and a fully furnished kitchen, including appliances. Fully furnished rental means that, in addition to the above, the house also features furniture, appliances, internet and television. The tenant will be able to move in immediately.
  3. What taxes do i have to take into account when renting out my house?
    A very common question. We usually refer our tenants to the website of the Tax and Customs Administration, because the government and the tax authorities often make changes or adjustments to legislation. If you have a very specific question you can always send us an email, of course. For complex issues it is best to contact your bookkeeper or your accountant.
  4. Is it better to rent property to companies or private persons?
    Many landlords prefer to rent property to companies in the area for the sake of certainty. Certainty of payment, as well as good tenants. However, renting property to a private person can be just as positive an experience. They are usually good tenants and are often willing and able to rent long term.
  5. I live abroad. Will that cause any issues regarding communication?
    50% of our landlords live outside of Eindhoven or abroad. It is absolutely no problem for us. We can communicate with the landlord by email or by phone without any issues. We can take care of everything for you, even if the house has not yet been rented to anyone due to construction works, interior decorating or cleaning.
  6. How do I prevent my house from becoming dilapidated? How do I avoid a bad tenant?
    A proper selection and screening process is vital. We do not accept just any tenant. We require original documents and check data in advance. During the rental period, we can carry out an inspection and inform the tenant of improper maintenance where necessary. EHV also has its own cleaning team, who clean homes for both tenants and landlords on a daily basis.
  7. When will I receive my monthly rent?
    The rent will be transferred to your bank account on or before the 10th business day of the month. If the tenant has not paid the rent before the 10th business day, our financial management department will contact the tenant by email, by phone or by post. This happens after the 1st business day of every month.
  8. In addition to your administrative costs, what other costs do I have to take into account?
    Additional costs may include brokerage costs (costs for rental mediation services), maintenance, insurance, (municipal) taxes, interest and bank payments, decoration or modernisation.
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